1692 Wasdale is owned and run by Steve & Faith with the help of a small team of occasional staff including our 2 sons. We bought the property in 2006 and spent a number of years renovating the house before attention turned to the adjacent barns.


We have created the kind of place we would like to stay: a blend of ancient buildings with modern comforts, a relaxed atmosphere and great staff in a beautiful, tranquil location with far reaching views of mountains and sea. Our emphasis was always on creating well designed, luxury rooms rather than squeezing in as many as possible. Most of our rooms are open to the eaves and in 2 bedrooms we have used the height to create mezzanine level bathrooms. We hope you will like it too! 

Our name and logo come from the quirky date stone which you can see above our back door. You will see similar style numbering on the date stone of the Village Hall in Gosforth. We believe that our oldest barn dates back to 1692 and as far as we can tell, we are only the 3rd family to own the property in over 300 years.

Renovating the barns took us a number of years, mainly because we managed and did, a lot of the work ourselves however this did enable us to be hands-on with all design decisions.

Work began with the removal of every single slate on the roof! These were then trimmed and replaced almost single handedly by Fran who then stayed on with us for a couple of years and supported by various stonemasons, chippies and labourers (Colin & the Daves) rebuilt the barns.


We have pulled in help from far and wide, from friends with spare time and energy to neighbouring farmers with huge diggers, JCB’s and tele-handlers who have been invaluable and always willing to ‘shift stuff’ - thanks Sam and Mark!

Some of our tradesmen (and women) have come from as far away as Sheffield and Gainsborough whilst others like John Hryb, Clare K ,  Moore’s and the John's on the joinery, are more local. The Pauls at P&P tiling were great and Eliott and his team worked long hours on the electrics. We've also had support from some larger companies like Mc Grady’s Engineering, Porcelanosa (Warrington) and our architect Lee at Mason Gillibrand.


During the development our boys have grown into young men and they have rarely complained when constantly called upon to help throughout the project - so much so that one of them is now qualified in Architecture. 

We have posted some very early photographs on this page to show you how it all began - don't worry, it does not look like this anymore! 

There are a number of suppliers who have been hugely supportive: Feather & Spring for great hand made beds, Alwel Glass, Marine Windows for the glass balustrades, Alwel Glass, Mark Gilligan at Wastwater photography, Framed in Whitehaven, Clare at Courgette for curtains etc,  Moore's Joinery, Jane Robinson at The Fine Cotton Company and The Bath House to name a few.

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1692 Wasdale 

Bolton Head Farm,

Gosforth,  Cumbria

CA20 1EW

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